Here’s How To Spend A Joyful Day In San Francisco With Kids!

Kids enJoying In San Francisco

San Francisco is a wonderful city which never ceases to surprise you. Whatever is the time of the year, there is something or the other to entertain you. Have a look at to know about some of the enthralling experiences in San Francisco! If you are traveling with kids, then you need to modify your itinerary to include their preferences as well. According to, the priorities and interests of kids are entirely different from adults. Here is a list of things to entertain your kids in San Francisco!

Stroll through Lombard Street
Kids would never like to stay idle at one place for long. They would love to walk and run around, play, shout and enjoy each and every moment. They are the ones who enjoy beautiful sights whole heartedly. Lombard Street is the perfect place for a casual walk. Let your kids move around as they like. The walk is worth it because the view from the top is simply awesome! Expect a loud ‘wow’ once you reach the top!

Cable cars and cable car museums
Kids would definitely enjoy the cable car rides around the city. Pick an aisle seat and explain to them about various places along the way. Early morning hours would be the best for cable car rides because the crowd may not be very large during those hours and so your kids would be able to enjoy the ride fully. Long queues may make them bored, and so it is best to take the ride during a less crowded hour.

Once your kid gets to ride in a cable car, he or she would have plenty of doubts regarding how it works, how it moves up the steep hills, etc. Get their doubts cleared by paying a visit to the cable car museum. They would be curious to know about the mechanisms of the car.

Chocolate shops
Kids and chocolates are inseparable. Chocolates are a must to make their day memorable. There are excellent chocolate shops in San Francisco where you can stop by and let your kids enjoy the delicacies. You also would have shed a lot of calories due to running around with your kids, so a bit of chocolate would not hurt you as well! Ghirardelli square has an excellent Sundae bar with a lot of tempting delicacies.

Outdoor Skating
Embarcadero outdoor skating area is a wonderful place for the kids to freak out on. The skating arena under the blue sky takes skating to a whole new level thereby letting you and your kids enjoy every minute spent there.

Antique trolley ride
Ride in an antique trolley is an entirely different experience when compared to cable car rides. The trolleys consist of restored vintage electric cars from different parts of the world. Kids who love vehicles are sure to enjoy this ride greatly. So, do not forget to take them on a ride in one of the antique trolleys in the city.

Don’t miss anything that is listed here! Your kids would surely thank you for such an awesome day at San Francisco!